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AKL 20303124567

Neutralizing antibodies is efficiently stop the infection by blocking the interaction between the COVID19 virus and the host cells. Most neutralizing antibodies respond to the receptor binding domain (RBD) of the spike protein, which binds directly to the cell surface receptor ACE2. antibodies-online currently offers two neutralizing antibodies based on the clone CR3022. While most S-protein RBD binding antibodiescompete for antigen binding with ACE2, the CR3022 epitope does not overlap with the ACE2-binding site.

It does thus not hinder binding of neutralizing antibodies. While CR3022 on its own exhibits only a weak neutralizing effect, it has been shown to synergize with other S-protein RBD binding antibodies to neutralize COVID19.


Easy operation
No need professionals to be trained;
Low sample demand, only need 50~70 μL;
Compatible with multiple specimen type: Serum/Plasma/Whole blood.

High sensitivity
Sensitivity: 99.45%;
Specificity: >99%.

Reaction time: 15 mins;
Test time: 10 s.

Verified by 3600clinical tests, 1500 tests by infected person’s specimen, 900 tests on vaccinators, 1200tests by normal people.
Clinical data are obtained from the vaccinators by inactivated vaccine, nucleic acid vaccine, protein vaccine, and virus infected persons, normal persons.
Cut off value inhibition rate of 30%.


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